Graeter’s Sweet Rewards is a program designed to reward you, our loyal guests, for purchases made on your favorite Graeter’s treats. It’s just one way we can say thank you for helping to keep us in business since 1870. Visit one of our participating stores and claim your free Sweet Rewards card to join. Rewards points are earned at all participating Graeter’s locations but may not be shared between some markets.

Graeter's Sweet Rewards Card

Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland, Pittsburgh & Chicago area members

Existing Card Based Loyalty Customers

If you’re a customer of a store in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Chicago, Cleveland or Pittsburgh and have not registered AFTER MARCH 21, 2016, you will need to create a new account. Not to worry, though all of your points and information have been transferred.

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Graeter's Loyalty App

Louisville, Lexington OR Indianapolis Members

New Pilot Test App Customers

Beginning November 14, 2018, Graeter's is testing our new APP in our Louisville, Lexington & Indianapolis stores ONLY. For the test period, points can be accrued only on purchases in these locations and rewards/offers from the APP can only be redeemed in these locations. If you’re a customer of a store in Louisville, Indianapolis and Lexington, please sign in to your Sweet Rewards account or create a new one.

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Need help with your Sweet Reward card?

Please visit our Sweet Rewards FAQ page. If that doesn't address your questions, please contact us.