Help - Retail Sweet Rewards FAQ

Do I need to download the App to continue to participate in the Graeter’s Sweet Reward loyalty program?

To continue to participate you need to EITHER download and register through the App or register on the Sweet Rewards page of

What is the name of the App and where do I get it?

The name of the App is “Graeter’s” and it is available wherever you currently get your Apps for your smart phone.


How do I migrate my existing account to the new App? 

Just download the App! During the registration choose “Migrate” and complete the information INCLUDING your 14-digit Sweet Rewards account number.  Any banked points and rewards will be migrated to your new account using this method.

What if I don’t know my Sweet Rewards account number?

Graeter’s stores should be able to help you look the number up or you can contact and provide the telephone number, email and name associated with the account.

If I download the App, can I still use my card?

No, your card will no longer work, but we can still add points using your phone number.

I don’t have a Smart Phone. Can I still participate in Sweet Rewards?

Yes, guests can visit and register an account without a smart phone.

When will my card stop working?

After January 30, 2019, the physical Sweet Rewards cards will no longer work. Guest can use the Sweet Rewards account number, from the card, to migrate the account to the App. In store, the cards will no longer work to earn points and/or redeem rewards.

If I never migrate their account, will I still have rewards on my card?

Their reward will still exist, but it will not be in their card, they will need to migrate their account on the online portal, which can be found from, or through the App

How do new guests enroll in Sweet Rewards?

They just download the App! They will sign up and enter in all of their information on the App.

I wanted to redeem my offer then I clicked out of the App, Where did it go?!

Look under “Account History” in the App menu, the QR code will live there until it expires.

Will guests still get email notifications with the App for rewards and offers (like birthday rewards)?

Yes! Email notifications will be linked with the website and the App. Guests will receive email notifications about App usage and offers as well.

Can guests just use a part of their reward?

Yes. The check amount must be SMALLER than the reward amount if they want to save some of that $ Reward for later. (i.e. they have $10 in rewards, and they have a check for $8, $2 will go back into their “bank.” If they have $10 in rewards and their check is for $12, all of that $10 will be used.)

I tried to check in a receipt and it says “Check in limit reached”

For security purposes, we limit the customer to a certain amount of receipt barcode scans per day, and only 3 scans for a 12 hour period.