1. Graeter's Black Raspberry Dessert Topping
    Black Raspberry Dessert Sauce
    A sweet Black Raspberry ice cream topping, made from the same Oregon raspberries we use to make our signature Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip!
  2. Graeter's Bittersweet Chocolate Dessert Topping
    Bittersweet Dessert Sauce
    Deep, dark Bittersweet ice cream topping, the perfect match for Graeter's ice cream, hot or cold!
  3. Graeter's Butterscotch Dessert Topping
    Butterscotch Dessert Sauce
    Graeter's unique Butterscotch ice cream topping. Blend with our Bittersweet topping and pecan to make our famous Turtle Sundae!
  4. Graeter's Dessert Sauces Deluxe Gift Pack
    Dessert Sauce Deluxe Pack

    Our Deluxe Sauce Pack features our Black Raspberry, Bittersweet and Butterscotch dessert sauces.