Help - General FAQs

Do you really make your ice cream in small batches?

Yes, our proprietary, custom made french pots freeze two gallons of ice cream mix at a time producing the luxurious, creamy textured ice cream you have come to know and love. We have a small fleet of these machines that we run day and night to keep up with the demand for Graeter's ice cream.

Do you really hand pack all of your ice cream?

Yes, all of our pints and 56 ounce packages are lovingly hand packed by our talented ice cream artisans. It's not easy, but with plenty of practice some people can be proficient at it.

How do I know which flavors the local grocery carries?

Since each store’s frozen foods manager orders different stock, flavors vary from store to store. If you must know exactly which flavors are on the shelves, please call the store before making a special trip.

My local grocery doesn't carry Graeter's. How can I change this?

Make a request to a store manager or customer service clerk, and feel free to let us know that you want a certain store to carry our pints:

Do you offer franchise opportunities?

No, we do not offer franchises.