Ice Cream Pies and Cakes for Any Celebration

To make your next special occasion a sweet one, skip the pints and try one of our ice cream pies or birthday ice cream cakes. These celebratory treats will become a steady tradition.

Eat Your Cake and Ice Cream Too

Our cakes are crafted with freshly baked yellow or chocolate 8” round cakes sandwiched with over a pound of irresistible Graeter’s ice cream. Each cake is finished with an indulgent layer of homemade toppings and surrounded by gourmet frosting. With signature designs like Black Raspberry Chocolate Bliss or Cookie Dough Delight, our cakes satisfy the sweet tooth of any age. Buy one for a toddler’s smash cake party or for a couple’s 50th anniversary. These cakes elevate every occasion.

Grab An Ice Cream Pie

While you can easily grab a pint to eat your apple pie with ice cream, our ice cream pies are simply divine. Each pie is made with almost two pounds of delicious ice cream encased in a yummy 9-inch chocolate graham cookie crust. Homemade toppings are artfully sprinkled atop each pie and our gourmet frosting is carefully dolloped on top. Each pie serves between 10 to 12 people depending on the slice size. 

Pick one up today at one of Graeter's many retail locations! Availability may vary by location.


Graeter's Celebration Ice Cream CakeGraeter's Celebration Ice Cream Cake
Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream Pie


Our Black Raspberry Chip ice cream in a chocolate pie shell, topped with bittersweet chocolate and chocolate curls.

Graeter's Buckeye Blitz Pie


Buckeye Blitz® Chocolate Chip ice cream, chocolate graham cracker shell, bittersweet chocolate and peanut butter.

Graeter's Turtle Pie


Butter Pecan ice cream, chocolate graham cracker shell, bittersweet chocolate, butterscotch and pecans.

Graeter's Black Raspberry Bliss Ice Cream Cake


The most irresistible birthday cake! Black Raspberry Chip ice cream sandwiched between two layers of chocolate cake, topped with bittersweet chocolate and whipped topping.

Graeter's Cookie Dough Delight Ice Cream Cake


Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip ice cream, yellow cake, bittersweet chocolate, butterscotch whipped topping, mini chocolate chips.

Graeter's Cookies and Cream Supreme Ice Cream Cake


Cookies & Cream ice cream, chocolate cake, bittersweet chocolate, whipped topping and mini sandwich cookies.

Celebration Cake


This cake is perfect for a special occasion. Featuring Vanilla ice cream, chocolate cake and bittersweet topping, this favorite will make everyone happy!

Chocolate Fantasy Cake


A cake for chocolate lovers! Double Chocolate Chip ice cream, chocolate cake, bittersweet topping and a special chocolate whipped topping.

Strawberry Shortcake


Delectable Strawberry ice cream, sandwiched between yellow cake, with loads of real strawberry fruit and a special strawberry whipped topping.

Perfect Slice Serving Tips

- Each cake or pie will serve around 12 people, depending on slice size.

- Thaw in refrigerator for 40-45 mins. prior to serving. This will allow cake to moisten and ice cream to soften.

- When cutting, remove cake from plastic tray and place on solid cutting surface. Heat large kitchen knife under hot water. Wipe blade dry between cuts.

- Once finished, put leftovers back on tray with dome securely tightened and return to freezer. For best taste consume leftovers within a week.

Taste the Graeter’s Difference

Family is the heart of our company. Our cakes and pies allow us to become a part of your family. These carefully crafted dessert centerpieces are made with the same attention and detail we give to each pint of ice cream. Mark every occasion, holiday, and birthday with a Graeter's ice cream pie. We would love to be a part of your home and tradition for many generations to come.