Our Unique French Pot Process

Some things need to evolve over time, others are perfect from the start. Our ice cream was perfected in 1870.

Since 1870, four generations of the Graeter family have remained committed to handcrafting only the most indulgent ice cream available. From humble beginnings, serving ice cream from a cart in Cincinnati, to the nationwide presence of Graeter’s Ice Cream today, the family has stubbornly held to the ideals and processes of the founding generation. Members of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generations continue to work in the business every day, ensuring that our customers get truly the best ice cream they have ever tasted. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Unique French Pot Process

Our unique French Pot freezers bring a modern twist to the traditional 1870 method of crafting ice cream. In these freezers, high butterfat is frozen with minimal air, resulting in irresistibly indulgent ice cream. This artisanal method produces the creamiest and richest ice cream imaginable. Each 2 ½ gallon batch is meticulously crafted, maintaining the authenticity and exceptional quality that define Graeter's.

As the ice cream base spins in our French Pot, we pour our special blend of melted gourmet chocolate over it. This premium chocolate solidifies into rich, velvety layers. An artisan then skillfully breaks it into chunks with a paddle, creating our signature chocolate chips. The non-uniform chocolate chunks and the dense consistency of our ice cream make it impossible to pack by anything other than by hand. That’s why every pint you enjoy, whether from one of our scoop shops, your local grocery store, or shipped to your doorstep, has been meticulously handcrafted and hand-packed. Indulge and enjoy!