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Strawberry Chocolate Chip

The decadent inclusion of our dark chocolate chips to our beloved strawberry ice cream.

Orange & Cream

A nostalgic pairing of orange and cream reminiscent of the classic ice cream pop.

  1. Graeter's Signature Flavor, Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
    Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip

    Made with black raspberries from Oregon’s Willamette Valley, this is our signature and most beloved flavor!

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  2. Graeter's Limited Edition Strawberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
    Strawberry Chocolate Chip

    Dip into this classic pairing of ripe red strawberries and decadent dark chocolate!

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  3. Graeter's Orange and Cream Ice Cream
    Orange & Cream

    Bring back your childhood summer with a nostalgic burst of orange and cream!

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  4. 150th Birthday Cake Ice Cream
    Birthday Cake

    A celebratory blend of cake pieces and sprinkles in cake batter ice cream.

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  5. Graeter's Black Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pint
    Black Cherry Chocolate Chip

    Dark cherries pair perfectly with our signature chocolate chips in this indulgent treat!

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  6. Graeter's Boldly Bearcat Ice Cream Pint
    Boldly Bearcat

    A creamy mascarpone ice cream, filled with Oreo cookies and our signature chocolate chips.

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  7. Graeter's Brown Butter Bourbon Pecan Ice Cream
    Brown Butter Bourbon Pecan

    Gourmet bourbon-glazed pecans in a sweet, boozy brown butter ice cream.

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  8. Graeter's Buckeye Blitz Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pints
    Buckeye Blitz® Chocolate Chip

    A combination of chocolate peanut butter ice cream, peanut butter cookie dough and our dark chocolate chips.

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  9. Graeter's Butter Pecan Ice Cream Pint
    Butter Pecan

    Roasted, buttered, and salted pecans provides a luxurious crunch to this decadent flavor.

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  10. Graeter's Caramel Macchiato
    Caramel Macchiato

    A blend of caramel and coffee ice cream with milk chocolate caramel truffles and Heath® toffee pieces.

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  11. Graeter's Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pint
    Chocolate Chip

    An ice cream classic made incredible with our signature dark chocolate chips.

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  12. Graeter's Coconut Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pint
    Coconut Chocolate Chip

    Flakes of coconut paired with our signature chocolate chips.

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  13. Graeter's Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pint
    Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip

    Chunks of cookie dough and our signature dark chocolate chips make this classic uniquely rich!

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  14. Graeter's Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Pints
    Cookies and Cream

    Oreo® cookies drenched in our sweet ice cream will please children of any age!

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  15. Graeter's Cotton Candy Ice Cream Pint
    Cotton Candy

    Spun with pink and blue cotton candy sprinkles and a taste of nostalgia that's suitable for any kid at heart.

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  16. Graeter's Dark Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Pint
    Dark Chocolate Brownie

    This dark chocolate ice cream with indulgent brownie bites is a chocolate-lover’s dream!

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  17. Graeter's Double Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pint
    Double Chocolate Chip

    Double the fun as we pair indulgent chocolate ice cream with our signature chocolate chips.

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  18. Graeter's Dutch Milk Chocolate Ice Cream Pint
    Dutch Milk Chocolate

    Made with the finest cocoa Europe can offer, this has a uniquely smooth milk chocolate flavor.

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  19. Graeter's Lemon Sorbet Pint
    Lemon Sorbet

    Pure fresh frozen lemon juice and lemon oil flavor this refreshing sorbet.

    Star-K Kosher Certified

  20. Graeter's Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Pint
    Madagascar Vanilla Bean

    Gourmet ground vanilla beans and pure vanilla extract from Madagascar for an exquisite flavor.

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  21. Graeter's Midnight Snack Scoop
    Midnight Snack

    Malt flavored ice cream with chocolate covered pretzels, mini peanut butter cups, and brownies mixed in.

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  22. Graeter's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pint
    Mint Chocolate Chip

    Pure peppermint oil gives every bite a cool blast to contrast with our signature chocolate chips!

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  23. Graeter's Mocha Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pint
    Mocha Chocolate Chip

    A proprietary blend of arabica coffees and our signature chocolate chips unite to create this eye-opening flavor.

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  24. Graeter's Oregon Strawberry Ice Cream Pint
    Oregon Strawberry

    With strawberries grown in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, this flavor tastes like it’s fresh from the field!

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  25. Graeter's Original Salted Caramel Ice Cream Pint
    Original Salted Caramel

    One of our original flavors. Brown sugar cooked with cream and finished with a pinch of salt.

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  26. Graeter's Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pint
    Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

    Creamy peanut butter combined with our milk chocolate chips for a classic pairing of flavors.

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  27. Graeter's Raspberry Sorbet Pint
    Raspberry Sorbet

    Our tart and crisp Raspberry Sorbet is a go-to on any hot summer day.

    Star-K Kosher Certified

  28. Graeter's S'mores Ice Cream Pint

    A campfire tradition combining soft marshmallows and our milk chocolate chips in a graham cracker ice cream.

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  29. Graeter's Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pint
    Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip

    Our signature chocolate chips elevate our Original Salted Caramel to a truly decadent delight!

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  30. Graeter's Toffee Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pint
    Toffee Chocolate Chip

    Heath® toffee pieces dunked in vanilla ice cream paired with our milk chocolate chips.

    Star-D Kosher Certified

  31. Graeter's Vienna Coffee Ice Cream Pint
    Vienna Coffee

    Our homage to Vienna Coffee is brewed with a special blend of roasted Sumatran and Columbian Arabica beans.

    Star-D Kosher Certified

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The French Pot Process

Graeter’s is the last small batch ice cream maker still dedicated to this time-honored process; making our ice cream 2½ gallons at a time.