Graeter's History


A young Louis Graeter moves to
Cincinnati Ohio to sell ice cream
at neighborhood street markets.

Graeter's History Since 1868

Turn Of The

20th Century

Louis Graeter marries Regina
Berger in the year 1900. They move
over a shop on 967 E McMillan St.
where they make ice cream in the
back room to sell out front.

Graeter's History Turn of the Century


Roaring 20’s

With the advent of mass-produced
ice cream production, cheaper ice
cream begins to flood the market,
Regina sticks with her tried and
true old-world French Pot freezers
and begins opening new ice cream
parlors, starting with a Hyde Park
location in 1922.

Graeter's History Roaring 20s


Great Depression

After checking her ledger, Regina,
joined by the second generation - her
sons and now partners Wilmer and
Paul - buy an old printing plant out of
bankruptcy, and moves ice cream
production to Mt Auburn in 1935.
They continue to open new stores and
help brighten the mood during a dark
chapter in Cincinnati history.

Graeter's History The Great Depression


The War brings it’s own challenges
like sugar rationing, but Graeter's is
able to continue growing, bringing a
much needed sweet escape for war
weary families.

Graeter's History World War II


Wilmer sneaks some chocolate from
his mother and pours it into a pot
of frozen ice cream, inventing Graeter's
now signature famous chocolate chunks. Regina dies on 12-26-1955, and three
years later Paul retires, and the third
generation, Dick, Lou and Jon join
Wilmer to continue the Graeter legacy,
joined a few years later by their younger sister Kathy.

Graeter's Baby Boom Era

THE 80'S

Graeter's opens its first franchised store
in Kentucky in 1984. Over the next 20
years, two dozen new franchised
Graeter's stores would open in
Lexington and Louisville, and in
Columbus and Dayton, Ohio.

In 1987, Graeter's begins selling ice
cream in the deli section of a dozen
local Kroger stores. Twenty years later,
Graeter's can be found in over 2,000
Kroger stores from coast to coast.

Grater's History the 80s

THE 90'S

60 years after moving to Mt Auburn,
a new expansion doubles the size of
the Reading Road plant. Graeter's
begins shipping ice cream packed in
coolers with dry ice via express next day
delivery nationally to consumers.

Grater's History the 90s

The New


Having worked in the business for 15
years, the fourth generation - Bob,
Chip and Richard, formally take over
the management and ownership of the
company. Over the following five years,
they open four new retail stores, including
one at King's Island amusement
park, and begin working with The
Kroger Company to test market
Graeter's in new cities, beginning in
Denver, Colorado

Graeter's Next Generations

New Facility

Same Process

Building on their success, Graeter's
opens a new plant in Bond Hill in 2010,
75 years after Regina opened the Reading
Road Plant, and begins producing
ice cream to distribute to new markets.
While the plant is new, Bob, Chip and
Richard stay true to Regina's stubborn
passion for quality and continue to produce
ice cream in two-gallon batches
using the French Pot freezers.

Graeter's History 2010


Graeter's is now the only commercial
ice cream manufacturer anywhere in
the world to use French Pot freezers,
and its two-gallon batches are the
smallest in the industry. The original
plant in Mt Auburn had only four
French Pots. The new plant in Bond
Hill has 32 French Pot Freezers running
day and night to keep up with demand.

Graeter's Ice Cream