STAR-D Kosher Certification

Graeter’s ice cream, sorbets, cakes, pies and toppings are internationally kosher certifications from the Star-K Kosher Agency. With all Graeter’s ice creams certified Star-D, customers across the country can now enjoy our ice cream. Additionally, Graeter's sorbets are Pareve.

“Star-D certification demonstrates our commitment to using wholesome, quality ingredients - the purity of product we’ve strived for since my great grandfather, Louis C. Graeter, started making ice cream in 1870,” says Richard Graeter, President and CEO of Graeter’s Manufacturing Company.

In order to qualify for Star-D certification, a product’s ingredients, plant equipment and manufacturing processes must be evaluated to ensure all requirements set by ancient Jewish dietary law are fulfilled. These requirements limit ingredients, process and equipment used for food manufacturing.