Frequently Asked Questions

We are as passionate about customer satisfaction as we are about ice cream.

If you need help, simply choose the topic below and check out our FAQs. Still have questions? Contact Customer Support at (800) 721-3323 or complete our Contact Us Form.


How long after I open a pint is the ice cream still good to eat?

This all depends on the temperature and consistency of your freezer. The lower and more steady the temperature, the longer ice cream will keep its texture and not get icy. For the best quality, cover the uneaten portion with plastic wrap to keep air and condensation away and consume any opened pint within a week. Of course for us, our pints are single serve containers!

Is your ice cream Kosher?

All of our packaged ice cream and sorbets products are certified Kosher by Star D. Learn More.


What ingredients are in your ice creams?

In addition to pure, fresh cream and milk, cane sugar and whole eggs, our ice cream contains wholesome fruits, chocolate and roasted nuts. A few of our flavors may contain artificial colors and flavors in the inclusions. You can see our list of ingredients by flavor here.

Do you have gluten-free flavors?

Many of our ice creams, frozen desserts, sorbets, and toppings are gluten-free. When a flavor contains gluten we declare it as a wheat allergen on our ingredients declaration. You can see the full list here.

Is Graeter's safe for an individual with a food allergy?

We follow good manufacturing practices to eliminate potential cross-contact between allergen and non-allergen containing flavors. We always wash, rinse, and sanitize our process equipment between making allergen-containing flavors and flavors that do not contain the same allergens. We segregate allergen-containing raw materials in our storage to prevent cross-contact of ingredients. If a flavor contains an allergen, we declare it on our ingredient list.

Does your ice cream contain alcohol?

Some of our ice creams contain natural alcohol from the natural flavors we use. Alcohol is used for its solvent or extraction properties. For example, vanilla extract is required by law to be made with an alcohol and water extraction of vanilla beans. These flavors are used at a very low level and as a result the alcohol is present in the finshed ice cream in trace amounts, typically less than .1 percent.

Do you have vegan flavors?

Our core Graeter's Ice Cream flavors contain egg custard and are not vegan. Our Perfect Indulgence Frozen Dessert flavors use animal-free dairy proteins. These flavors still contain milk allergens associated with these proteins but are considered vegan. Finally, our sorbets contain no animal products and are considered vegan. They are also Kosher Parve.

Are any of your flavors sugar-free?

We do not make any sugar free ice cream prodcuts at this time.

Is Graeter’s certified organic?

No, not at this time. Organic is a special niche for dairy that has a significantly higher cost premiums.

Is Graeter’s natural?

Yes, we consider our ice cream to be natural but there is no legal definition of what is natural. We do not use artificial colors or flavors in most of our ice cream products. We adhere to Whole Foods food ingredient standards.

Does Graeter’s use high fructose corn syrup?

No, our ice cream does not contain high fructose corn syrup. A few of our ice cream inclusions may contain corn syrup, but not typically high fructose corn syrup.