Dry Ice Frequently Asked Questions

Our mail order ice cream pints and chip wheelies are shipped in styrofoam coolers with blocks of dry ice.

WARNING! Dry ice is extremely cold (-109ºF). Severe frostbite could occur if contact is made with mouth, skin or eyes. If eaten or frostbite occurs, seek medical attention immediately.

When exposed to air, Dry Ice expands quickly as it sublimates (melts) into carbon dioxide gas. Airtight containers could explode. Storing or using dry ice in enclosed poorly ventilated areas may cause suffocation.

Where can I buy dry ice?

Most of Graeter's retail locations sell dry ice by the pound. Contact your local store for availability.

How should I handle dry ice?

It's important to take precautions. Use gloves when handling dry ice as extreme temperatures burn skin.

How should I store Dry Ice to make it last?

Dry Ice cannot be kept from sublimating, but the rate can be slowed. It will keep best when tightly wrapped in newspaper and stored in a small, well-insulated, but NOT airtight cooler. Use blankets or towels to take up the remaining airspace. Do not store Dry Ice in freezer.

What is the best way to create a bubbling, boiling “witches” brew?

There is no single answer because it depends on the size of the container, the temperature of the water and the amount of “smoke” desired. In general, use cold water to slow sublimation. Chunks of Dry Ice should be added periodically to establish and maintain the desired effects. As a guideline, one pound will provide about 15-20 minutes of moderate “smoke”.


• Do always use gloves to handle Dry ice. Avoid contact with mouth, eyes and skin.
• Do use and store in well-ventilated areas.
• Do dispose of properly in appropriate trash facilities outside of household.
• Do if possible, transport dry ice in the trunk of the car and always provide an adequate flow of outside air.
• Do preserve Dry Ice, by wrapping tightly in newspaper to insulate from exposure to air.

Do Not's

• Do not touch with bare hands or expose to skin, eyes or mouth.
• Do not use Dry Ice in drinks or punch bowls. It is harmful if swallowed.
• Do not place in airtight containers.
• Do not dispose of Dry Ice in the sink or down the drain.