Sweet without the Spike!


Low Glycemic Ice Cream

Completely unlike any other low glycemic ice creams out there. You won’t miss a thing with flavors that compete with our regular versions. To sweeten the deal it’s half the fat and a quarter of the calories of our regular ice creams!

Monk Fruit

Introducing the magical

Graeter’s uses naturally sweet monk fruit extract, which comes from a small fruit that Buddhist monks have cultivated for centuries and treasured it for its unique sweetness, to make ice cream that is tasty and low glycemic. Because of its concentrated sweetness, it takes only a small amount to get the same Graeter’s taste with less sugar.


by the Glycemic Research Institute®

Graeter’s Low Glycemic Ice Cream meets the certifications of the Glycemic Research Institute’s criteria for a Low Glycemic food suitable for people with type 2 diabetes.* Learn more about the benifits of a Low Glycemic diet. Download Our Low Glycemic Certification

*Clinical studies in subjects with Type 2 Diabetes show that Graeter’s Low Glycemic
Ice Cream has both a Glycemic Index of 21 (27 in non-diabetics) and a Glycemic Load
of 4.5 gram equivalents (5.7 in non-diabetics).

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