Graeter’s Ice Cream Receives Internationally Recognized Star-D Kosher Certification

CINCINNATI, OHIO (May 2013) - Graeter’s ice cream, sorbets and toppings have received new international kosher certifications from the Star-K Kosher Agency. With all Graeter’s ice creams now certified Star-D, customers across the country will soon see the certification symbol on Graeter’s pints and in scoop shops.

“Receiving the Star-D certification demonstrates our commitment to using wholesome, quality ingredients - the purity of product we’ve strived for since my great grandfather, Louis C. Graeter, started making ice cream over 143 years ago,” says Richard Graeter, President and CEO of Graeter’s Manufacturing Company.

In order to qualify for Star-D certification, a product’s ingredients, plant equipment and manufacturing processes must be evaluated to ensure all requirements set by ancient Jewish dietary law are fulfilled. These requirements limit ingredients, process and equipment used for food manufacturing.

While the international certification that all Graeter’s products earned is recent, Graeter’s ice cream has been recognized by a Cincinnati-based kosher organization for nearly 35 years.

“We are pleased to certify Graeter’s as an internationally recognized STAR-D kosher product,” said Rabbi Zvi Holland, a Kashrut Administrator for the Star-K. “Becoming a part of the STAR-K and STAR-D Family is yet another recognition of the Graeter’s tradition of high standards, quality and excellence.” Graeter’s sorbet and toppings also received kosher certifications Star-K parve and Star-D, respectively.

According to Rabbi Zvi Holland, not only does each company go through a rigorous screening process, but once certified, a Rabbinic field representative of the Star-K will make regular visits to ensure all requirements are being met. “Holding the international recognized STAR-D certification will reassure customers, especially those who adhere to kosher guidelines, that they are buying an absolutely Kosher product,” says Rabbi Zvi Holland.

Graeter’s ice cream is made with fresh cream from farms that use 100 percent pure cane sugar and pledge not to use artificial growth hormones. To craft their more than 20 delectable flavors, Graeter’s adds only premium, hand-selected ingredients including fresh black raspberries and Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans.

About Graeter’s: Graeter’s ice cream is a renowned brand made in Cincinnati, OH, with national prestige that still faithfully uses century-old recipes and methods of production. Graeter’s has perfected the traditional French Pot process, making the world’s finest ice cream just two gallons at a time. The secret recipe of fresh cream and egg custard spun in a French Pot freezer creates an extremely dense and creamy consistency. Liquid bittersweet chocolate is poured in just as the ice cream is finishing, creating Graeter’s signature chocolate chips. Graeter’s has 38 retail stores and ship over 300,000 pints annually for online mail order sales. Graeter’s can also be found in more than 6,000 grocery stores in 46 states. Visit for more information.