Our perfection of the traditional French Pot process is the true magic
behind the making of Graeter’s ice cream. By creating just two gallons
at a time, we achieve an irresistible creaminess that’s completely unlike
any other ice cream.

We start by using only the finest ingredients, such as:
    fresh cream and milk from Ohio farms that pledge
      not to use any artificial growth hormones; 100% cane
      sugar; egg custard; gourmet chocolate for our
    signature chocolate chips and hand-picked black
raspberries from Willamette Valley, Oregon.

Our small batches are then hand-
swirled by our dedicated
artisans in 2-gallon French Pots.
Each 2-gallon batch of ice cream
is slowly frozen, resulting in a rich,
creamy texture.

Small-batch freezing is what separates Graeter’s
from other ice cream manufacturers. We use
2-gallon French Pot freezers, a technology that’s
been around for over a century, but long since
abandoned and forgotten by the commercial
ice cream industry.


  And lastly, to get the ice cream
    into a pint we use one of the
    most sophisticated pieces of
    equipment available - a big
  spoon. On an average day we
hand-pack nearly 20,000 pints!