Ice Cream Stories- Ice Cream Fan Weighs in on Local Favorites

By Ice Cream Stories October 15, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

We love to hear what our fans are saying so when we come across a comment like this, we just have to share!

Tripadvisor contributor Jfc073 recently wrote a review on native Ohio ice creams:

“As an independent third party who is not from the state of Ohio, I can say without hesitation that both Jeni's and Graeter's are good, but Graeter's ice cream simply has more flavor and a more traditional ice cream shop appeal. Graeter's has a taste that surpasses every ice cream and gelato I have tasted.”

Thanks, Jfc073, and thanks to all of our fans who help to spread the word where you live! We’re so glad you love Graeter’s ice cream and gourmet desserts as much as we do.


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