Graeter’s has gone to the dogs!

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Dog's Night Out

This past Summer we celebrated our furry friends with our 'Dog's Night Out' events. Graeter’s fans joined us to enjoy a frozen treat for both themselves and their pooch!

Graeter's has gone to the dogs

Each dog got a complimentary Frosty Paws treat and enjoyed the night with the other dogs in the neighborhood. We had such a great time and especially love to spend time with all of the adorable pups! This past Summer we even had Sisca (The society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals) join us in Centerville with some very adorable adoptable dogs.

Graeter's has gone to the dogs

Special thanks to Beth McHenry for coming out to take pictures of our four-legged friends at the Centerville location and thanks to all the fans for bringing out their dogs and enjoying a Graeter’s treat!


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