Behind Those Delicious Dark Chocolate Chips

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The huge dark chocolate chips found in many Graeter's ice cream flavors are loved by expert chefs and foodies around the world. We regularly get pictures of giant chips on our Facebook page like these:

How excited would you be to see this in your ice cream cone? How would you go about attacking a chip this big in your ice cream? Have you ever seen a dark chocolate chip this big? Sadly some of our customers think that a dark chocolate chip this big is a mistake when they find it in their pint of gourmet ice cream.

Have you ever wondered where our famous dark chocolate chips come from?

As with all our ingredients, only those with the highest quality make it into our gourmet ice cream. When it comes to chocolate we use chocolate from the oldest milk chocolate maker in the world, Peter’s Chocolate.

Daniel Peter invented milk chocolate in 1875, only five years after Graeter’s was founded! Today, Peter’s Chocolate is used not only in our dark chocolate chips but also in much of our chocolate gourmet candy.

To learn more about Peter’s Chocolate visit their website.

You can find Peter’s chocolate in any of our chocolate chip ice creams at either your neighborhood Graeter’s location or our online store for your next ice cream social!

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