June 2017

What makes people fall in love with Graeter's Ice Cream?

From the first taste, you can tell it's something special.

Graeter’s is the last family-owned authentic small batch ice cream maker still dedicated to the French Pot® Process. Our artisans pour and swirl only the finest ingredients into each spinning, 2½ gallon French Pot® freezer. The resulting ice cream is so dense and rich, due to the almost total absence of whipped-in air, that an artisan must remove it with a paddle. With ice cream so thick and chocolate chips so big, every pint has to be hand packed.

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Graeter’s Ice Cream is excited to announce that we are now on the Feasty Eats app!

By Graeter's Ice Cream June 6, 2017

Feasty Eats App

Eats is a local Cincinnati startup that posts daily deals from restaurants in the Greater Cincinnati area. We will be offering scrumptious deals on some Graeter’s favorites exclusively through the Feasty Eats app. Graeter’s and Feasty Eats will be serving up even more smiles just in time for summer!

“We are ecstatic to be working with such an iconic Cincinnati brand and sharing their sweet deals on our app. We can’t wait for Cincinnati to see what they have to offer!” - Anthony Breen, CEO of Feasty Eats.

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Feasty Eats is a food app that connects those who love to eat food with those who love to create it! Anthony Breen, CEO, started Feasty Eats to solve the never ending debate with his wife over where to eat. Feasty Eats connects hungry consumers with restaurants ranging from casual to upscale, in real time. Find daily deals from restaurants you love!