March 2014

2014 Mystery Ice Cream Flavor Revealed!

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Our Mystery Flavor for 2014 has finally been revealed! Salted Caramel Fudge Brownie is now available. This delicious flavor features our enhanced salted caramel ice cream recipe loaded with handcrafted, sea-salt caramel fudge brownies.

To get your hands (and taste buds) on this year’s Mystery Flavor, as well as your favorite handcrafted ice cream, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store

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Ambassador From Japan Has A Sweet Tooth For Graeter's Ice Cream

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Japanese Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae recently visited greater Cincinnati to talk about growth, investment and recovery for the region. During his tour, he stopped into a Graeter's store to see why so many people across the country love Graeter's premium French Pot process ice cream.

"The ice cream was one of the best i cherished over some years," said Sasae. "I taste a lot of ice cream, this time I tried the Black Rasperberry Chip. It was great."

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