October 2013

Graeter’s Breaks Ground on a New Cincinnati Location

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We’re excited to announce that we’re opening a new store in the Over-The-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. The new location, opening in December, will feature our handcrafted ice cream and a selection of candy, plus our first ever espresso bar! Even better is that during the ice cream season the location will be open late. How late? “As late as customers want us to be,” says our fourth-generation owner & CEO Richard Graeter in a Cincinnati.com article.

According to Chip Graeter, the new store “in historic OTR will hearken back to the early 1900’s when my great-grandparents ran an ice cream parlor not far from [the new] location.”

Graeter’s fits in perfectly to the Over-The-Rhine neighborhood, known for having an abundance of trendy bars and restaurants and an ever-rising population of foodies (who love our irresistible French Pot ice cream). “Graeter’s opening is confirmation that Over-the-Rhine is becoming not just an entertainment district but a solid residential neighborhood,” says Richard Graeter. “We always strive to appeal to everyone, not just kids, not just suburbanities. We’ll fit into trendy Over-the-Rhine as well as we do in [other parts of Cincinnati, such as] Mariemont or Hyde Park.”

To find a store near you check out our store finder, or have it delivered right to your door from our online store.

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Enjoy A Handcrafted Taste of Fall

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Graeter’s Gourmet Cinnamon Ice Cream Is A Must-Try

There are a few tastes that go hand-in-hand with the turning of the leaves in fall: Apple cider, baked breads, and all things pumpkin & cinnamon. Our seasonal flavor Cinnamon ice cream is a must-try for autumn.

Here’s what makes it a truly special dessert: Our natural blend of Ohio milk and cream (no artificial growth hormones!), egg custard and 100% cane sugar, with our own proprietary cinnamon spice. This ice cream is a perfect treat to serve with a hot drink, warm pie or by itself on a crisp day.  

To get your hands (and taste buds) on our handcrafted Cinnamon ice cream, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store!



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Ice Cream Informant Reader Recommends Graeter's Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip Flavor

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Handcrafted Ice Cream and Mix-Ins Gets High Marks From Reviewer

Irresistible Handcrafted Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip Full Of Chocolate Chunks And Cookie Dough


We always enjoy hearing what reviewers have to say about our handcrafted ice cream and recently a reader from one of our favorite review sites, The Ice Cream Informant, reviewed our Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip.

The reviewer (Bob) writes about our delicious French Pot vanilla ice cream base, but focuses on what he loves most: the delicious mix-ins that we add to our ice cream, like our famous dark chocolate chips. Bob says our Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip “does nothing but deliver,” and we think he’s right.

His overall impression of this flavor is so high, he gives us his own “A” rating. “It tastes like you wrapped some fresh cookie dough right into a small circle and threw it right into the fold. From top to bottom, you are getting mix-in heaven.” Thanks Bob! Read the rest of his review here.

To get your own pint of our handcrafted Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip ice cream flavor stop by your local grocery store or buy from our online store


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