September 2011

Graeter’s Ice Cream Reopens in Northern Kentucky

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Northern Kentucky's Fort Mitchell and Newport Locations Now Open!

Graeter’s is pleased to announce the reopening of the company’s retail locations at 301 Buttermilk Pike in Fort Mitchell, KY and at 1409 North Grand Avenue in Newport, Kentucky.
A live picture from our Fort Mitchell Ribbon-Cutting Event! This new retail store offers a full lineup of Graeter's favorites, including gourmet ice cream and other frozen dessert, gourmet chocolates and more.
Both retail locations are now company-owned and have been completely remodeled with new décor and equipment, and both stores will offer Graeter’s full line of bakery, confectionary and candy offerings. 

“We are certainly excited to bring Graeter’s back to Northern Kentucky,” said Richard Graeter, President and CEO. “We have deep roots in Kentucky and we thank our loyal fans for their continued support.”

There are currently no plans to reopen the store previously located at 342 Monmouth Street in Newport, KY, or the store previously located at 8860 US Highway 42 in Florence, KY. Graeter’s is working with its Louisville-based franchisee to open new stores in the Lexington market.

For store hours and additional information, please visit

About Graeter’s: Graeter’s ice cream is a renowned brand made in Cincinnati, OH, with national prestige that still faithfully uses century-old recipes and methods of production. Graeter’s has perfected the traditional French Pot process, making the world’s finest ice cream just two gallons at a time. The secret recipe of fresh cream and egg custard spun in a French Pot freezer creates an extremely dense and creamy consistency. Liquid bittersweet chocolate is poured in just as the ice cream is finishing, creating Graeter’s signature chocolate chips. Graeter’s has 31 corporately owned retail stores and Fans outside of this area can purchase gourmet chocolates, gourmet dessert and ice cream online at  Graeter’s can also be found in more than 4,000 grocery stores in 41 states. Visit for more information.

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Look at the size of this Chocolate Chip!

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This chip was found at the Graeter's store in Oakwood! It was so big that the Oakwood Team set it aside for their customers to marvel!

Have you ever found a chocolate chip this big in your Graeter's? Share it with us!

Name: Graeter's Oakwood
City: Dayton
State: Ohio

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