Another Serious Graeter's Fan!

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It’s no secret that Graeter’s Ice Cream has some diehard fans. Maria, a Cincinnati native, is no exception:

“I grew up in Cincinnati, and every time we had something to celebrate (music recital, basketball game, swim meet, first communion, etc) we headed to Graeter's. We introduced all our out-of-town relatives to the ice cream, and it quickly became a must-visit.

I went to UC for college, which meant I became very familiar with the Clifton scoop shop. At some point one of my friends and I wandered into Graeter's and he asked me what I recommended. As I began to rattle off my favorite flavors (and there are many) he asked, "What about the Peanut Butter Chip?"

"Oh, it's good but it has milk chocolate, not dark chocolate chips, so I don't get it very often."

At this point the girl behind the counter turned to me and asked, "Did you work here once?"

My friend and I had a good laugh (as the answer to the question was no, just well over 15 years of tasting experience) and enjoyed our ice cream, as I do to this day”

Thanks for your kind words, Maria! We are happy to hear you conitnue to visit our ice cream shops for a scoop of our gourmet ice cream!

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