Ice Cream Stories- An unabashed Obsession

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Sharing our fans comments is just one of the things we love to do. We are thrilled to read each and every one of them, and believe us we read a lot! Here is one that came through our blog. Share your story with us!

Name: Christina

City: Birmingham

State: Alabama

I don't eat lots of sweets, but when I do, it's ice cream. I have eaten Graeter's since my family moved to Cincinnati when I was in preschool; fast forward to high school in Columbus--the Graeter's on High Street was where we hung out after football games. I was thrilled when Graeter's seemed to follow our family to town. Little did I know, I'd live without it for a decade or more.

I went to college in Illinois, then graduate school in California--no Graeter's except on visits home to Ohio. Then nearly a decade ago I moved to the South and thought I'd never get Graeter's. I wondered about franchise options...and still do. Now, as of a year ago, Graeter's is in our local Publix stores. I still hit up family members who fly down to bring me Mocha Chocolate Chip and Raspberry Sorbet, among other fave flavors, but at least when I really need a Graeter's fix I can find some nearby!

Now I have my own family and they all love Graeter's. I'm doing my part to spread the word about it down here.


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