Experience A Childhood Favorite With This Handcrafted Seasonal Flavor

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Cool off from the warming temperatures this spring with the taste of our seasonal flavor - Orange and Cream. This nostalgic flavor features an all-natural orange puree with a fresh, creamy citrus flavor that is reminiscent of your favorite orange creamsicle.

To get your hands on your own pint of Orange & Cream ice cream or your favorite handcrafted ice cream, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store!

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Strawberry Chocolate Chip Returns For The Spring

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Enjoy a taste of Spring with Graeter’s handcrafted Strawberry Chocolate Chip ice cream. This delicious ice cream flavor features rich, creamy strawberry ice cream along with hand-selected Oregon Totem Strawberries, plus our famous strawberry-sized dark chocolate chips. Try a scoop or pint of your own today and enjoy pure bliss.

To get your hands on your own pint of Strawberry Chocolate Chip ice cream or your favorite handcrafted ice cream, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store!

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Enjoy Some Sweet Relief From Tax Day

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Get a little relief this tax season with a sweet Tax Day deal for all our Sweet Rewards members. On April 15th get a free pint* of your favorite handcrafted ice cream flavor with any purchase of $15 or more.

To get your hands on your own pint of Orange & Cream ice cream or your favorite handcrafted ice cream, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store!

*Supplies limited. Not valid with any other offer. Limited to one per Sweet Rewards member. Retail store purchases on 4/15/2014 only.

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John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi Unite over Graeter’s

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Food is a universal language that needs little translation. Perhaps that’s why John Boehner reached across the aisle and sent Nancy Pelosi a treat in the form of pints of Graeter’s handcrafted ice cream and gelato for her 74th birthday.

The former Speaker of the House thanked her successor for the “delicious taste” from his district and shared a picture via Instagram.

"Great to see speaker Boehner sharing the love of Graeter's" wrote Chip Graeter, Chief of Retail Operations, in an email to the Enquirer. "Also nice to see them getting along and having some fun with it!"

To get your hands on a pint of your favorite handcrafted ice cream or gelato, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store

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2014 Mystery Ice Cream Flavor Revealed!

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Our Mystery Flavor for 2014 has finally been revealed! Salted Caramel Fudge Brownie is now available. This delicious flavor features our enhanced salted caramel ice cream recipe loaded with handcrafted, sea-salt caramel fudge brownies.

To get your hands (and taste buds) on this year’s Mystery Flavor, as well as your favorite handcrafted ice cream, stop by your neighborhood Graeter's store or have it delivered to your door from our online store

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Ambassador From Japan Has A Sweet Tooth For Graeter's Ice Cream

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Japanese Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae recently visited greater Cincinnati to talk about growth, investment and recovery for the region. During his tour, he stopped into a Graeter's store to see why so many people across the country love Graeter's premium French Pot process ice cream.

"The ice cream was one of the best i cherished over some years," said Sasae. "I taste a lot of ice cream, this time I tried the Black Rasperberry Chip. It was great."

Read the full story -->

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Treat Your Valentine To Something Sweet This Weekend

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Celebrate Valentine's Day with Graeter's Ice Cream

Avoid the last minute scrambling and send your Valentine the treat of Graeter’s ice cream or candy! This is the perfect gift whether your sweetheart is across the country or down the street. Choose from a wide assortment of the world’s most irresistible craft ice cream, our new Gelato or A Little Less Indulgent ice cream.

Or send the creamiest, fruitiest and nuttiest chocolates and confections - all with only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. A tempting selection of handmade chocolates in both milk and dark varieties; enough for the most deserving chocolate lover.

Send them hand made chocolates and confections.

You can find our Gelato and Little Less Indulgent, other irresistible handcrafted ice cream flavors as well as our chocolates and confections at your neighborhood Graeter’s location or buy a few pints at our online store for your next ice cream social!


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Your guide to eating Graeter's all year long!

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Mark Your Calendar To Remember When Your Seasonal Ice Cream Favorites Are Available

Seasonal Flavor Ice Cream Calendar

Never mind the weather, eating handcrafted French-Pot ice cream is something you should enjoy year round. To make it easy, we've come up with our annual Seasonal Flavors calendar. It can help you keep track of your Graeter's favorites all year long. Print this calendar, and now you can see the flavors of the season at a glance (we suggest using a color printer to get the flavor cravings going strong).

Best of all, each flavor is around at least one month, some for two or three. So you'll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the creamy goodness you deserve. Not a big fan of the flavor of the month? Come on in with the family or order online to enjoy the many other flavors everyone loves.

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Have You Visited Our New "Handcrafted" Website Yet?

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Heard the news? There's a new website in town. www.Graeters.com takes the best our previous website had to offer and now we've made it even better. Here are a few of the upgrades we've made:

- Just like our French Pot ice cream is so special, we’ve built our new website to be special too, by making it simple to read and navigate.

- Read about our long history of making the world’s best ice cream, now totaling more than 140 years and counting. And check out our vintage ice cream scoops!

- You can find everything you’ve ever wanted to know about our irresistible handcrafted flavors, whether they be our Classic, Signature Chip, Limited Edition, Seasonal or Sorbet delights. 

- Watch a few new videos about the artisans and their special ingredients that bring your ice cream dreams to life. 

- Easily find Graeter’s stores to enjoy our ice cream with your family, plus take home a pint or two, some of our tasty bakery goods* or a complete collection of decadent chocolate candies. *not available at all stores.

- No Graeter’s in your neighborhood? That’s ok, because now you can easily find a grocery store near you that sells Graeter’s ice cream. If we’re not at your local store, please ask your grocery manager to stock your favorite flavors.

- Want to share your love for Graeter’s famous flavors, including everybody’s favorite Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip flavor?  Head to our Online Store to create gift pack of ice cream. We’ll ship your order – no matter how big or small - with dry ice to help keep our fresh flavors and creamy texture locked in. You can also buy candy good enough to be part of Graeter’s impeccable reputation for quality, plus buy cool Graeter’s stuff and easy to give Graeter’s gift certificates and cards with just a few clicks.

- We’ve made it even simpler to sign up for our local Sweet Rewards program. It pays to have great taste, especially when you can earn points towards FREE Graeter’s ice cream and other tasty stuff at our retail stores.

We cordially invite you to visit us online at www.Graeters.com, and check back on our blog now and then to see what's going on. New flavors, special deals, fun facts and more are waiting for you.

- Have a facebook account? Go LIKE us and keep tabs with our news on your timeline, or follow and tweet us  on Twitter (@graeters). Spread the love with everybody you know, we hope to see you soon!

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Our Process Makes All The Difference

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One of the main things that makes Graeter’s handcrafted ice cream so unique is the French Pot Process. It’s the same way that our founder, Louis Charles Graeter, made ice cream in the late 1800’s.

So What Does The Process Look Like?

We start with the finest ingredients, mixed all together and pasteurized to develop the best possible flavor profiles. What happens next is what truly makes Graeter’s so special.

We take our creamy mixture, pour it into 2-gallon French Pot freezers and hand-swirl each batch until it’s slowly frozen without whipping in air. This is what gives Graeter’s ice cream it’s creamy texture. Once the batch is frozen, we hand-pack each pint before shipping it out to your local Graeter’s, local grocery store, or directly to your home address.

To get a better idea of what this looks like, check out this animation explaining our process.

Or view a real tour of our process.


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