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Graeter’s Sundae Service is a wonderful way to dish out irresistible ice cream at your home and office. It’s the quickest way to watch a group of adults act like kids!

Treat your friends and coworkers to the taste of Graeter’s without the hassle or mess. We deliver everything you need and set it up buffet-style for everyone to create their own sundae.

Everything is disposable so clean up is a breeze. It’s a delicious way to earn instant popularity!

Graeter’s Sundae Service Includes:

  • Your choice of 3 pre-scooped ice cream flavors
  • Hot fudge, butterscotch and strawberry toppings
  • Fresh whipped cream, crispy pecans and cherries
  • Disposable utensils, sundae cups, napkins and spoons
  • We'll deliver and set up the sundae bar so you’re ready to serve in 20 minutes or less.
  • Ice cream only is also available at a reduced rate, which includes all the above minus the toppings.

Minimum order for delivery is 50 sundaes. Smaller orders available for pick-up. Standard lead time one week, shorter lead times may be possible. Terms are C.O.D. or Credit Card before delievery.

Other Catering Options

While we can’t bring one of our ice cream shops to you, there are several options available to serve.

Super Scoops - Predipped ice cream with no toppings.

Big Scoops - prepacked ice cream in a limited number of flavors.

Chip Wheelies - Prepacked ice cream cookie sandwich in three flavors.

Cart Service*

We’ll bring our ice cream cart to your event stocked full of Big Scoops and/or Chip Wheelies! We provide the cart, product and supplies. All you need to bring is the manpower to sell the ice cream! After your event, we’ll pick up the cart. Great for fundraisers, company celebrations, & festivals.

*Minimum 300 items.

How To Order Sundae Service

Fill Out Our Online Request Form

Call our local Sundae Service Coordinators to ask a question about any product.

Graeter's Ice Cream Big Scoops
Graeter's 5oz. Big Scoops

Graeter's Chip Wheelies
Graeter's Chip Wheelies