Privacy Policy

Graeter's Inc. collects information about our visitors (both offline and online) so that we can provide an experience that is tailored to their preferences. Since the privacy of our visitors is of paramount importance to Graeter's, we wish to protect it and maintain the trust of our visitors while collecting the information necessary to do this. Graeter's is fully committed to providing information about the collection and use of personal information furnished by, or collected from, visitors while using our website, products and services. We offer visitors the choice to decline (opt out) participation in certain services and promotional benefits provided by Graeter's. Below is an explanation of the information we collect, how we use it, and why the use of this information will benefit our visitors' experience.


Security is provided concerning credit card information, names, addresses, e-mail addresses and any other personal information that visitors may provide within the transactional portions of our website. Although "guaranteed security" does not exist either on or off the Internet, we safeguard our visitors' personally identifiable information by using industry standard practices. Currently, our website utilizes a variety of different security measures designed to protect personally identifiable information from unauthorized access by users both inside and outside Graeter's, including the use of 128-bit encryption based on a Class 3 Digital Certificate issued by Verisign Inc. This allows for utilization of Secure Sockets Layer, which is a method for encrypting data. This protects confidential information - such as credit card numbers, online forms, and financial data - from loss, misuse, interception and hacking.


During the order process, Graeter's asks visitors for their email address in order to provide relevant information such as order confirmations and future offers. By providing their email address to us, visitors may receive email. Visitors will always have the ability to accept or decline email communications from Graeter's Inc. At any time a visitor may opt-out of receiving email communication by following the directions posted in every email.

Direct Mail

As part of the service that Graeter's provides its visitors, Graeter's may mail its visitors to inform them of enhancements, changes in offerings, special events, or other relevant information responsive to the visitors' interests. Visitors who supply Graeter's with their postal address or telephone number may receive periodic mailings from us with information on new Graeter's products and services or upcoming Graeter's special offers/events. Graeter's offers our visitors the option to decline these communications. Visitors may contact us to opt-out of such communications as follows:

Phone: (513) 721-3323
Fax: (513) 721-3385
Mail: Graeter's Inc.
2145 Reading Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1485

Periodic Review & Modifications

This privacy policy was last modified on 1/12, 2004. Graeter's recommends that visitors review this Privacy Statement periodically, as Graeter's may revise it from time to time.