Graeter’s Ice Cream contains only the finest, natural ingredients.
No fake syrups or sweeteners. No fake colorings. If it’s not real, it’s not
a Graeter’s ingredient. What’s more, Graeter’s Ice Cream contains
no hydrogenated oils, thus no trans fats.

We take
melt it, pour it
into French pots along with
our ice cream, and then, using a paddle,
chop it into our notoriously delicious chip-chunks.


Sourced from local cows free
of artificial growth hormones,
ours is the crème de la crème of
cream. Making our ice cream
creamier still? Our custard
base, made from fresh, local
eggs. All sweetened
naturally, of course, with
100% pure cane sugar.


Grown in the
verdant Willamette
Valley, our Oregon
Totem Strawberries
are the juiciest,
sweetest on Earth.


Ever so slowly,
we simmer 100% natural brown
sugar to its perfectly sweet, slightly
salted final state: caramel!


 Two words guaranteed
   to make your mouth water?
    Butter. Pecans. Our pecans
  originate from trees grown
naturally, naturally.


For our ice cream,
nothing less than
the finest vanilla
beans will suffice.
Hence why ours hail from the
island of Madagascar.


Hand-selected from only
the finest growers, our Southern
peaches are juicy. How juicy? Very.

Black Raspberries

That freshly picked, still-warm-from-the-sun flavor?
It’s thanks to our triple-washed black raspberries,
hand-picked in wine country’s Willamette Valley, Oregon.