Graeter’s now has great tasting diabetic friendly
   ice cream that won’t raise your blood sugar!

Certified Low Glycemic

How Does Graeter’s Do it?

Graeter’s uses naturally sweet monk fruit extract, which comes from a small fruit that Buddhist monks have cultivated for centuries and treasured it for its unique sweetness, to make ice cream that is naturally low glycemic. Because of its Made With Monk Fruitconcentrated sweetness, it takes only a small amount to make ice cream that tastes great, so you get the same Graeter’s taste with less sugar.

Reasons to Try Low Glycemic

*Clinical studies in subjects with Type 2 Diabetes show that Graeter’s Low Glycemic Ice Cream has both a Glycemic Index of 21 (27 in non-diabetics) and a Glycemic Load of 4.5 gram equivalents (5.7 in non-diabetics).

Benefits of a Low Glycemic Diet

Low glycemic diets help lower blood glucose levels. People with diabetes can use glycemic index and glycemic load to help guide their food choices to better manage their diet. Glycemic Index measures how much a carbohydrate- containing food raises blood sugar. Glycemic Load is a numerical value that indicates the change in blood glucose levels when you eat a typical serving of the food. Foods with an index of 55 and below are considered to have a low glycemic index. Foods with a load of 10 and below are considered to have a low glycemic load. Graeter’s Low Glycemic Ice Cream has Glycemic Indexboth a low glycemic index of only 21 and a low glycemic load of only 4.5 gram equivalents (in subjects with type 2 diabetes).

Certified Low Glycemic by the Glycemic Research Institute®

Certified Diabetic FriendlyGraeter’s Low Glycemic Ice Cream meets the Glycemic Research Institute’s criteria for a Low Glycemic food suitable for people with type 2 diabetes.*

Low Glycemic Now Available At Grocery

Available in
Mint Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Chip.